Письма соболезнования по уходу из жизни М.Г. Ревнивцева

Jens Chluba has just informed me about the terribly sad news from Mike Revnivtsev.  I had no idea about his sickness. <…> I thought everything would be fine with him by now.

I remember very well his very young family at MPA during the time he was a student, and how proud the High Energy group was of him at the time he was recognised by the Russian Government.  I also vividly remember his picture with Medvedev. He was active, happy, and strong at his work, and I admired him for how he was able to cope with work challenges and serious family problems.

These things are particularly hard to accommodate when they involve young people with such a great future perspective, and I guess it is even harder if you have supervised him during his early career years.

Please transmit my sincere condolences to his family and to the entire High Energy group at MPA, which I would like to make extensive to Sazonov and the other colleagues at IKI in Moskow.

Dr. Carlos Hernández-Monteagudo